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Our Insurance Partners

Our Unique and Award Winning Principal & Interest Protected Note™ Enhanced Annuity Investment Offering with Full Insurance Protection would clearly not be possible without our insurance partners.

While it is with great pride of authorship and a tremendous sense of accomplishment that Paul Regan— our Founder & CEO will speak about the transformative fixed income product he engineered and trademarked, he will always highlight the importance of the insurance element, which is what makes our best in class investment offering unmatched and vastly superior in nearly every performance metric while having a built in insurance wrapper creating a level of security and safety to rival any traditional annuity product available today.

Until now, the only investment product(s) you could find offering absolute principal protection coupled with a guaranteed yield, were the low yield annuity products that were created, packaged and sold by the major insurance carriers directly.

Our award winning Principal & Interest Protected Note™ “Enhanced Annuity” Investment Offering with Full Insurance Protection is virtually identical to any traditional annuity product issued by any insurance carrier in almost every aspect in terms of how it works— ie; strength of the insurer, guaranteed yield, principal protection, and more but with one key difference: the attractiveness of our superior yield(s).

The typical yield available on any standard annuity product out there is sadly going to offer an investor somewhere between a 4% to 7% annual percentage yield at best, which sadly wouldn’t adequately combat or even put a dent in the current annual inflation rate which has spiraled to between 6-9% per year.

Our enhanced annuity fully insured note offering(s) will deliver to an investor a vastly superior yield between 12% to 15% APY!

The difference is huge. Our investors capture a yield nearly 150% higher and in some cases that superior yield will be fully insured and backed by the same insurers selling you a traditional annuity direct with a lower yield!

Insuring an investment product against loss isn’t a new concept, in fact it’s pretty common.

What isn’t common is finding a high yield in the fully insured and guaranteed marketplace.

Even more uncommon, is finding a fully insured investment product (fixed income or otherwise) that has an insurance element that insures against principal loss, but also provides a future date certain guaranteed gain and a highly attractive annual percentage yield to the insured.

This type of high yield guaranteed fixed income product with a built in insurance wrapper is truly a first in many regards and a unicorn opportunity to those fortunate enough to secure it.

It is worth noting that our founder and CEO was not just happy with a simple guarantee from insurance carriers, because he intuitively understood what most of us understand: which is the fact that a financial guarantee is only as good as the entity or entities issuing that guarantee and the strength of the individual backer or backers of that financial guarantee.

So our CEO sought out and successfully partnered with several top rated insurance carriers, all of whom are considered to be “investment grade” and all of whom are rated B++ or better by A.M. Best.

These providers include Lloyds of London, Afiancol, RedBridge Insurance, and Ocean International Reinsurance. 

Often our Enhanced Annuity product called The Principal & Interest Protected Note™ will carry several insurers participating in the securitization process through syndication partnerships making our note offering(s) even more attractive from a risk perspective as they will have primary insurers as well as reinsurers standing behind the surety bonds and insurance policies that are issued directly to incredibly savvy Next Level Note Investors.

We genuinely appreciate all of our insurance partners for underwriting the risk embedded in our businesses and for providing our investors the peace of mind that only a guarantee issued by an insurance company can provide!

Enclosed below are links to all of our valued insurance partners and links to find their credit ratings issued by AM Best which is the credit rating agency that monitors the Insurance Industry.

Our Insurance Partners:

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