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About Next Level Holdings

Next Level Holdings, LLC — headquartered in Miami, Florida, and managing several satellite offices in Latin America is a sophisticated and diversified multinational company that engages in the business of international trade finance.

NLH is focused on providing trade finance for physical gold, other precious metals, livestock, timber, coffee, honey, and other physical commodities wherever and whenever absolute arbitrage opportunities appear in the supply chain and global marketplace.

World Class Innovation!

Next Level Holdings has launched the world’s first and only “enhanced annuity” which is a guaranteed high yield fixed income product with complete insurance protection for both our investors principal investment and their interest earned on our enhanced annuity offering(s).

Our Flagship Investment Product is called the NLH Principal & Interest Protected Note™ and is issued with Full Insurance Protection. It is very similar to a traditional annuity in that you receive the same guarantees from an insurance company but without the high fees and low yields. Our unique “enhanced annuity” offers a yield 2-3 times higher than any traditional annuity in existence, and is just a safe as any traditional annuity in existence as well!

Our AM Best Top Rated Insurance Partners have a deep understanding of our highly specialized and uniquely risk averse business model. Over time that deep understanding has evolved into the fullest appreciation for the risk they underwrite on behalf of Next Level Holdings as we have never defaulted on a note, nor has a single insurer ever received an insurance claim filed in connection with the policies that have been issued to our note holders which insure our note offering(s).

Our track record is perfect and we are supremely confident that it shall remain so.

Next Level Holdings has driven annualized yield and net profit margins to their bottom line of over 92% year over year for the past 7 years. While these returns are incredibly impressive what is markedly more impressive is that we have consistently maintained all of our high margin businesses while only executing trades that are 100% delta neutral meaning that we trade without taking on any transactional, logistical or executional risk.

Because we capitalize and capture profit strictly and solely on price variations that exist only within our strict proprietary trade finance/arbitrage based trading protocols, every trade we make results in visible, absolute and certain alpha.

Essentially, to simplify our model; we don’t buy anything unless we’ve already sold it at a clear profit.

This is how we have won the trust of top rated insurance carriers, who now issue insurance policies directly to our investors which provide our investors a guarantee that they cannot lose their principal investment and moreover this insurance also guarantees that they will receive their monthly interest payments of 1.25% each and every month, resulting in an annual yield of 15% as stated in our NLH Principal & Interest Protected Note™ Offering.

We even cut the check for the one time insurance premium directly to the insurer(s) on behalf of our investors! The cost comes right out of the note proceeds received. So even the cost of the insurance is built in to the product and doesn’t erode your annual yield. Amazing!

Translation: We don’t lose money. Ever. Period.

We value your future.

As a firm our goal is to consistently generate a steady stream of outsized returns for our investors, with minimal correlation to the equity, credit and fixed income markets.

In essence, the Next Level investment approach is to achieve historic S&P crushing returns with bond-like risk, or less and delivering it all with full insurance protection for our investors.

We Value Security¹

Capital preservation and security of investor capital has been established as our utmost priority. We marry insurance products that allow us to insure our investors against loss and lock in future date certain returns starting at 12% APY and depending on investment term(s) ranging from 3 to 10 years; our guaranteed annual yields can reach over 15%!

We are Purists when it comes to “Arbitrage” (Riskless Trading)

At Next Level Holdings, our investors have the incredibly unique benefit of leveraging our fully insured trading strategy employing “riskless arbitrage” which can be defined as the simultaneous sales and purchases of identical assets, which ensures that arbitrageurs like us, require no outlay of upfront risk capital, but need only set up near simultaneous contracts such that the revenue generated from the selling of our commodities pays for the costs of then buying those same commodities which we have already pre-sold to our clients here and overseas in the international markets. This is the pinnacle of “trade finance” operations.

We Value the Investor Preparing for Retirement 

At Next Level Holdings, LLC, our fully insured investment opportunities prioritize the financial interests of you and your family, and consider your retirement needs to be a serious and sacred fiduciary trust which we value.

We value your needs to build a better quality of life and not the needs of institutional private equity professionals and corporate bankers.

We won the trust and confidence of top rated insurers who issue insurance policies and surety bonds directly to investors of our funds and note offerings which not only provide absolute principal protection; but also guarantee that our investor receives the 15% APY offered in our uniquely structured enhanced annuity — fully insured note offering(s) with Full Insurance Protection.

We Value Our Insurance Partners

We have partnered with Insurance Carriers such as Lloyds of London, Afiancol Insurance, RedBridge Insurance, Ocean Reinsurance and more so that our investors preparing for retirement and all of our clients can have the peace of mind that only investments made in fully insured guaranteed investments can provide. 

We Value Excellence

We are purpose driven and our results speak for themselves. Recognized by satisfied clients with thousands of 5-star reviews, we have also received many honors and awards. Here are just a few:

Best Risk Management Investment Specialist 2023 from Wealth & Finance Ethical Finance Awards

Investment CEO of the Year from Wealth & Finance Magazine

Best Trade Finance Program LATAM Markets

Best Retirement Investment Product

Our Core Values

At Next Level Holdings, we embrace safety, security, teamwork, innovation, speed, and professionalism. We roll up our sleeves and build solutions that change people’s financial lives. We’re revolutionizing retirement and creating opportunities together.

Learn More About Our Team and Investment Opportunities

We’re trailblazers paving a new path to retirement with fully insured | high yield fixed income products. Join us on our mission to help Americans retire!

It’s time to benefit from our unique investment offerings which will bring you certainty in a very uncertain world and allow you to start building generational wealth from the ground up today!